Poems & Quotes

Dancing Classrooms Poem

Drenched in passionate dance moves
Admirable position
Never-ending fun
Certainly worth all the hard work
Incredible pace
Not a place for lazy bums
Genuine and exquisite

Curious feet make their own moves
Latin dances: complete extravagance
Anticipated to learn
Satisfactory and better work streaks smiles on our faces
Save your energy for the grand finale
Respect for your partner
Optimism helps your dance confidence
On or off the stage we love to dance
Memorize your moves
See us in our performance

-5th Grade Student, Medford Elementary, Fall 2010

Ballroom Dancing Quote

“Ballroom dancing is a team sport. The only way to succeed is to work together. I believe that ballroom dancing brings the classroom together and brings out the best in all of us.”

-5th Grade Student, Long Beach

My Almost Perfect Partner

If I could have
the perfect person
that I would dance with
all the time

This is what
I would look for
and this is how
I would like him to be

He would be careful
and kind
He would laugh
and smile, too.

If I said
“I think you messed up”
He would listen to me
and try harder next time

He would help me
if I messed up, too
and answer
any questions I might have

If he doesn’t like a dance
He will still try
to do his best
no matter what

If he saw
That I was doing something well
He would tell me
and make me feel good

this is the partner
that I would want
when I am dancing
in Dancing Classrooms

So you see, I don’t need
a partner who’s always perfect
If a person tries hard and is nice
that is perfect enough for me.

-5th grade student, Long Beach, Fall 2010