“We spend an awful lot of time telling children not to touch each other, but we very rarely tell them how to touch each other.”

Kim Lowenborg-Coyne, Director of Art and Music Programs, North Babylon UFSD

Board of Trustees

Robert Kilroy, Chair
Catherine Scandalios, Treasurer
Nancy Duncan, Secretary
Katie de Bruin, Trustee
Phyllis Ozarin, Trustee
Douglas S. Plotke, Jr., Trustee
Richard H. Rubin, Trustee
Greg McCaslin, Chair Emeritus
Paul O’Neil, Chair Emeritus
Vincent J. Pisano, Treasurer Emeritus

Engagement Council

Scot Allan
Sherry Binnington
Jaci Clement
AnaMaria Correa
Diane Giattino
Anthony Giordano
Gerri Maquet
Eileen Oelbaum
Darren Raymar
Martin Rebello
Cheryl Wheeler
Migdalia Williams

Our Team

Executive Director
Eileen Clarke

Program Manager
Jessica Heins

HR/Operations Manager
Tess Brunetti

Finance Manager
Kendall Frulio

PR/Marketing & Communications Manager
Eileen Clarke

Program & Development Liaison
Angela Trivigno


Educational Liaisons

Eileen Clarke
Lorissa Creedon
Jessica Heins
Jane Lohmann
Angela Trivigno

Teaching Artists

Eileen Clarke
Lorissa Creedon
Emily Harmse
Jessica Heins
Krissy Livingston
Jane Lohmann
Angela Trivigno
Adriana Vitacco

Buddy Teaching Artists

Martin Rebello
Joel Rodriquez
Thomas Schultz