“We all hear about great educational programs in a few school districts, and we wish that these were available to all students in every district. When you see the faces of students who are participating in excellent programs and you grasp the impact that these programs have, you just want to shout from the rooftop, “Do whatever it takes to give every student this gift of educational excellence!”

John Wilson, Head of the National Education Association and senior fellow at the Pearson Foundation, highlighted the impact and value of Dancing Classrooms in his February 2013 Edweek blog entry

There may be restrictions, but there is still a way to safely come together, dance, and find joy.

With our Connecting with Care Residency, we can offer students a way to:

  • Dance safely, socially distanced and following all safety protocols
  • Move, appreciate music, movement, and experience a group activity with joy
  • Explore and celebrate different cultures



  • A 20 lesson in-school residency program
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade students, regardless of background or ability
  • Jump ropes will be used to allow students to connect and dance together safely
  • A diverse range of social dances—merengue, foxtrot, rumba, swing, tango, waltz, and line dances—including the cultural history of each dance form
  • A Teaching Artist, carefully and systematically selected and trained in the Dulaine Method and the Dancing Classrooms Curriculum
  • A curriculum connection assignment developed with the classroom teachers to support academic content areas
  • A clean, well-lit, un-trafficked space with a hard floor is ideal. Covered outdoor space also.
  • A Culminating Event for the school community and families to celebrate the students social-emotional journey through writing and dance

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