“An 8th grade student, Ashley, came running up to me. She said, ‘Miss Jana! Ballroom dancing actually came in handy over the weekend. My friend had her Bat Mitzvah and a group of us all started dancing the Foxtrot!’ She was so proud and happy about the fact that they knew dance frame and that the boys and girls were actually capable of dancing together. Since Ashley has related this story to me, I’ve had at least five other students that were invited to the Bat Mitzvah excitedly telling me the same story.”

Jana Oelbaum, Teaching Artist

Our talented Teaching Artists exude a loving and considerate attitude, opening the door to an advanced art form with fun and approachable language. We base our teaching style on our founder Pierre Dulaine’s Method. Our social and emotional literacy curriculum encourages students to practice teamwork with respect and compassion and to participate in their communities as their best selves. If you have the ability to command a room and engage children, and you possess rhythm and display a love of movement, please join us as a Teaching Artist.

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